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Thursday, January 19, 2023

Vitamin C Tea Blend

Today I'm sipping a version of a Vitamin C tea blend I used to serve at the studio. This base recipe is just that, a base that may be adapted to suit your taste, constitution, your whims, to what you have on hand, or whatever! 

So, here's that base...

4 parts hibiscus
4 parts rosehips
2 parts lemongrass
2 parts lemon peel
1 part cinnamon chips/granules
1 part ginger chips/granules

Now, when I speak of "parts" - especially when teaching, or blending in bulk - I speak of weight measures. If you don't have a scale, use volume measures. Either way, start with a small batch and adjust to your liking with subsequent versions until you hit your sweet spot. Know what I mean? Or, if you're like me, simply blend up a version without rigid measuring, which is exactly what I did today, replacing lemongrass for goldenrod, and using both dried and fresh ginger root for added heat.

I'm drawn to this blend today because it's cold and damp outside. Even with my fiery constitution I feel I need something today to warm me from the inside out, at least until the fire is stoked up, so adding that fresh ginger, and plenty of it (because I have it) will accomplish that. That said, I find this base blend - as expressed above - to be rather neutral, neither too heating nor cooling, and it makes a nice chilled beverage (as well as hot) in any season. 

Anyhoo... this is how I make a pot (about a quart) of this tea:

Bring fresh water to a boil. Place 5(ish) tablespoons of the blend in your steeping vessel (tea pot, canning jar, measuring cup, etc.) and pour the boiled water over the botanicals. Cover and let steep about 15 minutes. Strain it, serve it, be well, and enJOY. Or, as I most often do, make this - and other loose tea blends - in a french press. ::nods:: 

If you make more than you need in a day, refrigerate it, and use it up within 2 days. That rarely happens in our little hut, but it's nice to know it's an option.

As I go through my files I'll be sharing more of these "recipes" here. Keep watch.

Peace. 🕊

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