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Saturday, March 11, 2023

A Slow View, Just for Today

 This morning whispers, "Slow down and do your best to enJOY the view." Sam, the cat, agrees.

And I shall do my best to comply. There's plenty in the world to vex over, yet I have more seeds to get started, and that's pure JOY to me. There will be snow to shovel, once the current flurries stop (though I'm blessed with a spouse who enJOYs shoveling, and is content to take care of all of it). I may make a batch of kumquat marmalade. But I'll likely infuse most of my day cuddled up on the couch, by the fire, reading, crocheting, journaling, counting my blessings, checking my privilege as I enJOY the views I choose. Just for today.

Peace. 🕊

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