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Who I Am

photo by Michelle Mullin
8/3/2021 update

Greetings! My name is Rosemari Roast. I have been the owner of and caretaker to Walk in the Woods, a holistic wellness teaching practice in Connecticut since the 1980s. I started sharing my botanical learnings and experience as a sole proprietorship in the 1980s, and incorporated the business as an LLC in the mid 1990s. The business will be retiring at the end of 2022 - but I won't be! I'll continue doing what I do, just not as a business. 

It'll all be the same, only different. ::nods::

So, if you don't know me, I'm called herbalist, Medicine womyn, artist, and backyard farmer (among other things).

I'm passionate about many things. Some say, too many. I say, they're all connected! For me, the realm of Nature, Art, Healing and Spirit are one realm. My realm. Our realm.

As an herbalist and Medicine womyn, I am dedicated to *returning home* the Medicine of the People. I do this by offering you opportunities to reconnect with 
your own power through exploring 'n' leveraging the wellness choices that you already have. I strive to help you to see, acknowledge, honor and act on the choices and behaviors that nourish and sustain you, and that may best serve you in your life.

Everything I do, I do my best to teach. I feel that my name, originally spelled Rosemary, like the herb, is a key to this life purpose, for it is often described as the herb of remembrance. That my maternal grandmother clung to and adapted the ways of the "old country" is a holistic taproot for me, for it both saddens and motivates me to remember and revive the empowering practices that she employed. Practices that were discounted and mostly forgotten in a single generation. She wild-harvested food, made Medicines, and engaged some mystical healing practices as well. I feel a duty to keep these practices alive, for they are surely overflowing with vital Medicine of deep meaning and infinite value!

When I was a little girl just starting school, the teachers and administrators were worried about me because I wouldn't talk to the teachers. I was responsive with my peers, but not the authorities. I can say that, in many ways, this behavior is still with me. But I digress... My non-responsiveness landed me with the school psychologist. I wouldn't talk to him either. So the story goes that he gave me paper and crayons. I drew. And from those drawings he made the judgement that I was fine, and the recommendation to return me to my class, and allow me to evolve in my own way, and know that I would speak when I had something to say. In this experience is another taproot to an important Medicine in my life: Creative expression, also known as art.

These taproots are, from my perspective, rooted in Mystery. So it is that herbs, art and spirit guide my Life with the Medicine that they all offer. 
I will always do my best to share my Medicine-experiences with you, in whatever ways we are able - in person, or via technology.

I will always strive to help you re-discover the natural healer within, so that you may nurture peace with yourSelf, love yourSelf, and offer these qualities to those you love … and to help reclaim the Medicine of the People and bring it back home - to all of us.

I invite you to tap into my experience so that we may return wisdom, wellness, healing back to the hands of their rightful and most grateful owners - To us. To all of us. Together let's reclaim our power and return the Medicine of the people back to the people.

Let's bring it home together!
Me 'n' Mugwort... photo by Corey Lynn Tucker Photography

MY CREDENTIALS (such as they are)
I've always considered myself Self-n-Community-taught. This concept applies to pretty much all aspects of my life, be it with herbs, healing, art or whatever. I have studied formally, and continue to read, attend lectures, attend classes and workshops that support and nurture all the parts of me. I invite you to do the same.

That said, these are my "credentials" - as they say:
So, if you have any questions about who I am, what I do and how I might help you to help yourself, please just let me know, and Join us on Facebook.

Be well by Nature! Peace.

Walk in the Woods
Winsted, Connecticut

Many moons ago on Platt Hill in Connecticut