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Friday, September 23, 2022

Autumn 'n' Cabbage

And just like that ::snap:: it’s Autumn! 🍃🍂

We’re celebrating this first full day of the fall season with about 40 pounds of cabbage. 🥬
First, we started with the sauerkraut. I prepped the kraut on the mandoline, and my spouse massaged the salt into it… we both checked for flavor, and I added a little bit of sweet onion, and caraway seed as we layered it in our 5 gallon crock. It’s all tucked under its own brine to ferment in our cool room.
We used 8 cabbages for that (I think), and next I’ll be preparing three cabbages (with some red onion, peppers, and carrots) to sit overnight for the canned coleslaw I’ll be making tomorrow. Also tomorrow, or the next day, I’ll be making cabbage soup to can. And we’re leaving one head of cabbage aside to make my Nono’s Italian boiled dinner – cabbage, pepperoni, and potatoes in tomato sauce. A perfect autumn dinner!

We love cabbage. Can you tell?

Autumn blessings to you!


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